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1. One of the main factors which determine the originality of the topic is its novelty.
2. A specific aspect of a particular topic which was never noticed or used by other researchers would also be an original research paper topic.
3. Even if the topic is one that has been researched on many times before, a fresh take on the topic can make it authentic and original.
4. A completely unusual perspective of even a controversial topic can be considered as an original idea.
5. If you oppose an existing theory, which has been established by other researchers, that would also count as an original topic.

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BACKGROUND. An increasing number of people involved in medicine are under pressure to publish research, but there is little understanding of how to describe structured writing. AIM. This paper aims to describe the structure of original research papers published in the British Journal of General Practice with a view to providing insight into the nature of such analyses, and particularly to help researchers and trainers to write and teach writing more successfully. METHOD. A sample of 50 original papers published in the Journal between January 1989 and March 1993 were examined. The papers were subjected to a form of 'move structure analysis', a technique used in applied linguistics; move structure analysis assigns a tentative function to a piece of text, and identifies words/phrases associated with it. To be recognized, moves thus identified had to occur in the same section of the paper in 65% of the corpus, and/or appear in the same order relative to other moves in 50%. RESULTS. Fifteen moves were identified, four in the introduction, three in the method, and four each in the results and discussion. These moves functioned, for example in the discussion, to state limitations and defend successes; describe achievements; contextualize procedures and findings; and offer recommendations. Frequency scores ranged from 66% to 100%, and order stability scores from 50% to 80%, with three moves being unordered. CONCLUSION. It is possible to derive from this study a template for structuring academic medical writing. This template may be built up from the exemplary quotations in the text, to provide assistance to educators and less experienced writers.Get help from our qualified writersWhat does your research paper require? We have professional writers who possess the critical skills necessary to conduct the research and formulate the ideas into a cohesive and seamless finished reference product. You can have the advantage of an expert following your instructions and crafting an original research paper to your exact needs.In fact, our professional team has now written over 5,700 original research papers for History, Sociology, Political Science, Marketing, Management and many other disciplines of academic curriculum.This course culminates with an original research paper based on your historical research. The purpose of this paper is to identify and analyze the end of cold war using concepts that we have learned in class. First defend your selection as a significant event.